Monday, August 31, 2009

For the Love of Raunch

As I mentioned last night, I am a Fantasy junkie of the worst kind who cannot be stopped. My love of any author who is unabashedly erotic/raunchy and who somehow incorporates that element into a paranormal storyline is my kind of (most likely a) gal. Give me a kickass heroine, a dominant and entertaining lead male, some ghouls and scary crap, and I am good to long as there's enough hardcore sex (that furthers the plotline, of course) to shame the average romance reader. If this last, crucial element takes forever to get to, and then it doesn't follow through, you've as good as lost me. Few authors have kept my loyalty though their Naughty factor was extremely lacking. Hell, even Stephen King throws in some good tension at least, and most male writers gloss over that primitive aspect within their subplots.
My love of this genre is still very young, though because there are so many different flavors to sample, I don't think I get bored any time soon. I find a dud in the bunch? It gets returned or donated, simple as that. I don't want to get to the end of a book I was looking forward to and feel like I wasted my time. It's like realizing the end of what you thought would be a great relationship and wishing you had that time back so that you could've spent it elsewhere. That's a shitty feeling to have in itself, but then to think about how the person who wrote this probably staked their life on it. I then give them credit, until I think of all the things I've enjoyed writing and how long it took... and I get pissed. Pissed because my hubster is an Amazing writer, and I think I'm at least halfway decent, and this guy/gal got their crap published somehow. Maybe I digress, but if a book leads me to all of those thoughts and emotions, which is a hard thing to do, instead of leaving me enthralled and salivating for the next Jewel (which is not hard to do), then I think that resenting the author/story is something I have to do in order to gain closure. I've learned that I need these bad eggs so that I can really love the good stuff.
The good stuff is hard to find if you're picking and choosing for your own entertainment. It's an investment really, and I would hope that once people have discovered their niche, they grow some big ol' swingin' cajones and strike out from there. Afraid to try something based on who else reads it? I've been there... you don't often think you'll be dry humping your computer moniter for weeks at a time in anticipation of the new Kat & Bones installment, or planning your whole work week around release day Tuesday because you're getting pissed at the prospect of losing out on the last, fresh copy of a J.R. Ward to some unappreciative bitch who only picked it up because of the colorful cover. Don't be afraid of who you'll become, be afraid of what you'll miss out on if you never take a the chance. You never know what will make you squeel like a Jonas Brother, or one of their concert attendees.

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