Sunday, March 13, 2011

I iz Connected

  Last week was rough, I won't sugarcoat it.  We went from living in a hotel room, which was thankfully within walking distance of restaurants, a pool, and anything we might need, to our new house.  Inspite of all its Awesomeness, the house is a little far removed from the areas we'd gotten familiar with in the short time we've been here.  Not to mention we were now a little over half an hour away from Andersen AFB, where Les now works, and where the dogs were serving their quarantine time (and then some) until we could afford to check them out and had somewhere to bring them.  There really aren't any pet-friendly hotels on the island, unfortunately.

  Once we endured the search, the scramble to file all the paperwork with Housing on base, and secure the house for moving in, we were exhausted.  Especially Les, being the provider now until I get into the USAF.  The dust settled a bit as we walked into our home, only to realize how difficult it would be to be in the house.  Without a landline or internet (and boy am I surprised at how reliant we have to be on an internet connection, since communication with family, banking, and contact information is cost-effectively exclusive to just that) I was stranded.  Feeling more than a bit isolated, more so because Les went from being around me 24/7 to gone for close to 13 hrs a day (including his commute to work and back), I was stir-crazy and self-conscious about how stir-crazy I had become in such a short period of time.  It's difficult to justify, even to yourself, that kind of shift in dynamic.

 You'd think that I would be happy to sit with my dogs in my little striped folding chair with my dogs, my kindle, and a beautiful yard to explore.  Better yet, a beach just down the drive to our house.  For the most part, I was.  The difficulty came when missing my family and lacking the capability to just call them and hear their voices was just not there.  Knowing I had no way to contact my husband or call for help if something happened scared me.  Faced with the stark knowledge of this disconnect, a crumbling building could describe me best.

  You know what makes me feel even more like a turd?  At the most 'disconntected' point, I really only had to go without like this for Thursday and part of Friday.  Yea, I feel a bit turdy.  I would never intend to make my husband feel guilty for this or anything like this, so it was hard to express myself about this to him without him feeling like it was his job to fix it.  It's just the way things were and I need to develop better coping skills because of it.

  Having had a pleasant, restful weekend with my husband and the dogs, I feel more equipped for the coming weeks.  My plan to join the military is still strong, and so my efforts will now double in order to reach my weight goal of 170 lbs within the month and develop my running endurance while studying the ASVAB.

  More of this blog will be about life here on the island as it develops for us, a bit of a journal of my efforts, and maybe a story or two.  Anecdotes galore since I am spending my days with two amazing boxers and have a little bit of time on my hands. 

Hafa Adai :)


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  1. I am so excited you have a blog! I cannot wait to hear about your island adventures! :D