Friday, March 18, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle

  Now that I have Axel Rose screeching in your head, my job is half way done.  Since my husband is so good at getting songs stuck in my head, I thought I'd share the experience.

  Now for the other half of my point in this.  Being so far away from the AFB and any real social areas, I am embracing the limited amount of contact I have with the outside world.  I'm not going to go exploring the jungle bordering our house yet because I feel very ill-equipped for such a venture and I doubt anyone would be able to hear me if I accidentally faced off with a FREAKING HUGE BOAR.  Our dogs seem especially willing, but if it's just me at the house for at least 10 hrs a day, I'm going to play on the cautious side of my curiosity.  Because what man wants to come home from a long day of work and commuting to find a gored wife?  That's just how I feel about that, for now.

  So currently, while I mostly try to find ways of exercising (with gravel roads, a towel for floor cushioning and a set of 8 lb dumbells as my equipment), I've picked up my crocheting A Lot, made significant progress in the Diana Gabaldon Outlander Series, picked-up this blog again, and begun crafting a multi-layered work of fiction.  Not to mention, I am trying to find fun ways of entertaining the dogs too.  I hate to see them bored and not enjoying their puppiness.

  The story I've very recently imagined is probably the most interesting and promising fictional work I've ever imagined.  My husband is an extremely talented writer so having explained this storyline to him, I was curious and a bit nervous about his reaction. Granted, his fictional interests are mostly not in line with mine, so he is not my target audience in terms of readership, but his opinion matters to me.  His interest was piqued and he identified it as having a lot of layers, which is normally something I haven't been able to outline or recognize within anything I've intended to write.  Coming from him, this felt like the praise I'd been hoping for.  It feels good to gain some confidence in that respect! 

  With these little surges of creativity, I just might pick myself up and out of the well of isolation I've felt a bit mired by.  Sure, I still want badly to meet a friend or two but I guess I was given this position for a reason and the only way around the feelings of loneliness (when Les is not around) is to embrace it.  Sometimes, that's going to be difficult, I'm going to want to fight against it, and I'm going to cry and wallow...but I think that embracing those feelings too is what will help force me out of the 'fog' and into another idea or strengthen my drive to Do something about it.

  I won't say I'm content because there's so much more I want to do with myself, but I will say that I am appreciating the progress I'm making.  In the meantime, there's weight to lose, doggies to love on, a story to write, and a man to love.


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